Enbridge and Kinder Morgan ,by now, must know that … SMARTER ,’ sincere’, early  PUBLIC CONSULTATION and NEGOTIATIONS  with the many who OBVIOUSLY  would be concerned, may have seen pipelines much closer to the  construction phase  by now…and, could have shown a better economic outlook for Alberta—and Canada.
BUT, when the  pipeliners, and government , decide to disregard BC public concerns,outright, we will resist. Now we will   call on the ’ new bunch’ in Ottawa to ‘ counsel’ the oil patch to hear the public and not ignore/scoff  at  their concerns… Build pipelines that  offer,statistically,  minimum threat to our lands and waters. Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea  support   some of our most important ,multi-billion dollar economic and environmental related  businesses… !
BC knows about export and import infrastructure and deals with problems frequently…….and does not welcome  these,unnecessarily risky  , pipe line ‘schemes’ !