..a couple of excerpts follow;
“…. the environment is B.C.’s economy. …..pipe-liners will (tell) the community (everything is … OK ) because we’re in charge.
…. we see a pipeline taking bitumen … to the coast at some point, ….but …First Nations ..having a far greater role …….”
A friend tells me…the First Nations must be part of the Solution’… Todd Coyne’s report seems to agree …bullying and talking down to all of BC ,including First Nations, was Enbridge’s undoing ! Many remember Janet Holder’s tacky,misleading,insulting   ‘cute’  ads…! After suffering through the 2010 Kalamazoo fiasco and the horse whipping by the US  NTSB….you’d think that someone at Enbridge  would have demonstrated a much more ‘consulting’ approach..but no; “ here’s  OUR (dumb)plan ..we’re in charge”  !!
Our latest wannabe pipe-liner (Kinder Morgan)also  avoided offering their proposal for early discussion with local citizens and communities..unbelievable…leaving BC with  an even dumber proposal !
BCer’s often are portrayed as ‘lotus lander,tree hugging hippies—or worse!…like ‘Newfies’ ,we enjoy the jesting …sum of us kan evun reed an’ rite !
Yes, we know that Mr. Harper has ‘signalled’ that he can declare these pipelines to be in the ‘National Interest’..and order them to be built..! …Not to worry..fortunately ,we can  let the real NEB (National Election Ballot)decide .. and help  the NEW  bunch in Ottawa  to  ‘fix’ the BC pipelines mess !