……may be of interest…more stuff you don’t need to know !

Possibly some of you have not read much of Canada’s  once upon a time ,favourite  son….The UN and some world leaders fell under his spell…see the link to get an idea about the power of  this wannabe world leader.  Search Google and you will find many stories…some see Maurice as a god and others as the devil !! This guy had the gift of the gab and thought the world  would be better off with a world government…He mingled freely/easily with world leaders ,like few others…

Before saving the world he managed to die a multimillionaire. He died in Canada on the eve of COP21(attended by a plane load of Canadians …Paris, in April, is so nice !) and received much acclaim for his effort to bring the Climate Change (IPCC) religion to the fore…He spent is latter years in China where he is said to have negotiated many worldwide coal supply contracts to assist China in  reaching  its world economic status…for a handsome fee ??

Maurice chaired several powerful Canadian Corporations…and but for some sloppy bookkeeping might have become the UN Leader .An interesting  Canadian .

Be proud !

I’ve kept an eye on Maurice for decades having heard him speak in my early career…and still cannot believe how he succeeded .Reminds me of a certain leader in our midst today !

Thank goodness for  Wayne Gretzky ,a real Great One !