FIX the MESS !

The pipeline will be built , signals Mr. Harper ! ‘ NO WAY’ says Vancouver Mayor Robertson !!

The established pattern for the NEB is to  ignore the massive public outcry about  unacceptable  bitumen tanker routes …an  ‘UNTOUCHABLE’ issue it seems ! The ‘TOO DIFFICULT’  issues  become  ‘CONDITIONS’—-and are left to be resolved by ‘others’ …so much for the public interest !


The ball is in Mayor Robertson’s court…HE  could help FIX the PIPE LINES MESS  with much support from  colleagues—and ultimately  the PUBLIC ..


Form a ‘BC Action  Committee’ of staff , consultants ,citizens and media to help prepare and  present A PLAN for  a superior ‘common corridor’ concept !  With the  ‘ACTION Committee PLAN’ as guidance–convince Mr. Harper to direct  the NEB to order ENBRIDGE and KINDER MORGAN to,where feasible, build and operate the pipeline system jointly ,within a common corridor , from Alberta to Port Simpson……to deliver Alberta bitumen to world markets . And thus minimize the probability of ocean bitumen spills in our busiest waters , environmentally sensitive  areas , fisheries,Douglas Channel,etc..