Let the ‘New Bunch’ fix the BC pipelines Mess !

1.“…the province has elected to file NO EVIDENCE…”  because they ,apparently ,have NO EVIDENCE …..Christy Clark’s 5 FUZZY  5 conditions are just  puffery..without CORROBORATING EVIDENCE to support the concerns –‘conditions’ !
The only way to get NEB’ attention is to file some hard EVIDENCE;as prepared by INDEPENDENT EXPERTS.etc……something  the NEB must deal with in the public hearing—
Instead ,as with the 209 conditions for Enbridge,—expect similar ‘evaluation of KM by the NEB’  where they’re likely handover  of the ‘too difficult stuff’  to Ottawa or ? other experts for handling  —  WITHOUT PUBLIC INPUT..!
Sadly ,there is some quality RISK ANALYSIS  available –which the NEB would not review publically…see   http://www.seas.gwu.edu/~dorpjr/VTRA/PSP/FINAL%20REPORT/PSP%20FINAL%20REPORT%20-%20DRAFT%20012214%20-%20HQ.pdf    ..  Go figure !
2.“.. become increasingly clear that if the Board recommends that the project be approved…”
Yes, what else can the public conclude when Mr. Harper signalled ,early-on , that these pipelines are in THE PUBLIC INTEREST..and therefore will be built  !! Yes government has the power to do that…! The  NEB sham exercise was for public consumption .. leaving an angry BC electorate..!
Some were hoping that he new NEB boss would read his job description…and carry out a thorough review of this KM twinning project…it’s in  the wrong place and needs to be resubmitted while addressing BC public concerns…and get the Alberta bitumen to world markets..in the National interest !
There is a simple solution…but I guess we must await the outcome of the REAL NEB ,the National Election Ballot !?
….as we await the ‘new bunch’ in Ottawa….

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)