NEB Quote;

“By considering all the evidence that is presented  ….. the NEB … to make decisions that represent ….interests and concerns of Canadians. “!


Therein lies problem  ……too little evidence(science) was presented

Local / Provincial governments should have recruited  world class experts for a risk assessments,etc. …..and provided the NEB with  expert INDEPENDENT science to convince the NEB that the pipe liners’ offering  required ‘modification’…our local leaders ‘pea shooter’ defense failed us…we now know that heavy artillery attack is required ! !




Local and Provincial governments .. failed to recognize that the NEB can only react/respond to  submissions with ‘substance’…..

PM Harper promised a world-class bitumen containment and spill recovery procedure…we wait !

Fortunately we had the opportunity to hold a REAL NEB Hearing..the National Election Ballot..to teach the bullying pipeliners and government …that it was time for a change…

Boy..did we ever get change…a new bunch  promised  to listen and use science to help decide ;then… ‘out of the blue’ Justin Trudeau  announced.. which pipeline he  preferred…without listening ..and with NO supporting SCIENCE…maddening..!