The Public Will Be Heard !

Recently ,I asked Enbridge this question, “did anyone ever ask the Hartley Bay residents and the rest of the BC public about the Douglas Channel/Kitimat  location” ?
Enbridge never gave an answer !
The PUBLIC   have expressed great concerns—since DAY 1,….The NEB could not  address this ,bitumen spill,issue OBJECTIVELY, because they had NO NEUTRAL/INDEPENDENT    ‘ bitumen leak’ RISK ANALYSIS TO WORK WITH—so the Enbridge’ ‘chosen expert’ report is left as the only scientific opinion !!..!
Enbridge,in their response, reminded me that TERMPOL  ,government ‘experts’ ,said OK —with NO PUBLIC INVOLVEMENT !..but the public remains concerned so long as Enbridge insists on the highly undesirable ocean routes in our environmentally sensitive ,and busy ocean traffic areas—This ,ENBRIDGE chosen, path of least financial resistance is  in UNNECESSARILY ‘risky’ locations when there are much more common sense locations available—!
Also NEB ,from the beginning,should have solicited independent ,world expert ,risk analysis experts to show the PUBLIC  an independent ,(from Enbridge) objective ocean spill analysis..—instead the NEB accepts ,carte blanche, THE ENBRIDGE chosen expert analysis.. There is a much more sensible pipeline and ocean route location…
Mr. Monaco ,you  no doubt recollect when you were the  newly chosen President and CEO ,and were quoted in the press about the ‘possibility’ of moving out Douglas Channel…you obviously UNDERSTOOD  ‘the key public issue’ THEN ? Had your Board  listened   ,Enbridge  may have had an easier time of gaining BC public /political acceptance—Instead you’ll now need to rely on the heavy hand of Mr. Harper to declare your project in the ‘National Interest’ !  Mr. Harper may pay to the ultimate price for this unpopular move—you could help him by asking the the NEB to look at a route change—soon! Yes a combined Enbridge/Kinder Morgan pipelines system (possibly in a common pipeline corridor)from Alberta to PORT SIMPSON..
Enbridge and the NEB chose to ‘NOT HEAR’ OUR CRIES FOR ‘COMMON SENSE’—but your bean counters won—Now we must wait the final ULTIMATE ‘NEB’—the National Election Ballot for a better ,more acceptable way, to get Alberta bitumen to market..