Mr. Harper told us that ‘science ,not politics should help us to decide’…what science ??

BC’s  (export and import)  infrastructure;(harbours,rail,highways,pipelines,tankers,etc.)—contribute greatly to the NATIONAL   economy….and Alberta should expect BC’s cooperation when asked to facilitate export of their oil/bitumen ,etc. !

With their bully tactics the pipeliners may have   assumed that their proposals would be rammed  through parliament….once the Prime Minister declared these pipelines to be in the  NATIONAL interest…To smooth the way, ‘someone’  streamlined  the NEB’  terms of reference !!

The PIPELINES decision now AWAITS  the ULTIMATE decision process…the election ballot !

The new bunch in Ottawa should look at a simpler, lower cost construction and operations plan ,that would transport bitumen from Alberta through a combined pipelines system,to a more open port ,north of Prince Rupert.

Imagine if we could ELIMINATE those behemoth bitumen laden tankers from  our tricky island passages,  busy harbours , and  economically lucrative,environmentally sensitive  BC waters !