“…nothing brings a community together like having something to disagree on” says Nicholas Wong


  • This ‘disagreement’ has gone on for too long…a ‘SOLUTION’ would be to allow dilbit laden tankers to travel the least risky route on our coast, not Port of Vancouver or the Salish Sea…… then  into open Pacific waters…


  • Canada exists, as we know it ,because of  its exports !


  • the Prime Minister  counselled that ..”governments issue permits…but ONLY communities give permission .Good counsel !More government sound counsel , “We need to be basing our decisions and policies on facts, on evidence and on SCIENCE ,said the Science  Minister when announcing a  Government plan to appoint a Science Officer !


  • OK Mr. PM ,instruct  our scientists to produce an independent  marine route ‘risk assessment’ to locate the  least risky  routes on the BC coast  .and export even more bitumen !


  • …and then follow up with your offer “for Ottawa …to mediate this pipeline” issue…”


  • only the PM  can make this happen !