Squamish leaders told Appeals  court they didn’t feel they had enough information to decide ….about….TMX!

Precisely…Neither the NEB or Government cared /dared to provide an  ,independent, expert  (science based)risk assessment for this potentially risky/ hazardous , major infrastructure(which included a shipping terminal ,pipelines and /storage tanks) along with and greatly increased number of loaded tankers  required by their export plan.

Infrastructure projects like TMX   typically are subjected to a  risk study to protect the interests of the investors  and the public

Fortunately our Court of Appeal ,  saw TMX approval process   as incomplete , and essentially agreed with the community  tanker related threats  and First Nations issues! Our government has stable of scientists and Professional Engineers which could/should  have counselled about the increased risk associated with planned  increased number of loaded tankers in our  southern waters. What did your experts counsel ?

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


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