Dominic LeBlanc arrives at a cabinet shuffle to be sworn-in as Minister of Intergovernmental and Northern Affairs and Internal Trade at Rideau Hall in Ottawa, on July 18, 2018.

The Trudeau government is finding it increasingly difficult to fulfill some of its signature policy commitments thanks to a growing list of ideological tensions

The prime minister’s instruction to me was to do so in a collaborative, constructive way,” he said. “I certainly don’t start with the view that it should be adversarial.”

There’s still a chance that the Trans Mountain Expansion(TMX) pipeline will never be built as presently approved by Government. The project ,as offered by the Kinder Morgan, missed the opportunity to gain “community permission” for this project was immediately judged unacceptable by the communities which would be directly affected when that inevitable  tanker spill happened in the busy, environmentally challenged waters of southern BC and the International Salish Sea .Even the Government recognized it’s glaring omission when it didn’t allow NEB to seek  independent ,scientists to counsel about the obvious increased tanker spill risk when tanker traffic is increased 7 fold ! The PM told media that he would apply his new more rigorous project  assessment  criteria to the TMX project… Had this been done it would have become obvious that new ,less risky tanker routing was required ! The  Chief Science Advisor could/should have explained to Cabinet the importance and significance of a thorough , independent  risk assessment ….as required in your Government Omnibus  C 69 .

Taking this approach would quickly remove some of the adversarial component of the ill-conceived TMX proposal as proposed .,Already the costs are assume to be much higher than estimated and the tax payers want to see a new proposal that gives Canadians the benefit of exporting resources  while minimizing the potential for tanker spills in our busy ,Vancouver Harbour and inter Gulf Island tanker routes as proposed for TMX.

Government  scientists would have identified the potential riskiness of the TMX had they, or the Chief Science Advisor  been asked for an opinion !

Opportunity exists now to remove the TMX shortcomings…and build new infrastructure to carry diluted bitumen from Alberta to a more risk free tanker loading terminal where tankers  would enter the open Pacific without having to navigate through the Gulf Islands and the International Salish Sea ! I’d guess he Canada has yet to hear strong objections from Washington State….or President Donald  Trump !

Government study showed the least risk terminal location is near Port Simpson…and the most risky terminal location is Vancouver Harbour !Here’s a clear place to start by collaborating …and I’d guess ,with little ‘adversary’.


see http://www.empr.gov.bc.ca/Mining/Geoscience/MapPlace/thematicmaps/OffshoreMapGallery/Documents/West-Coast-Oil-Port-Inquiry-Statement-of-Proceedings.pdf


Estimated cost appear to be increasing significantly and I doubt  Canadians want to see the TMX as proposed and would much sooner see a less risky proposal ,which could export more Alberta bitumen ,in larger tankers that would need to travel shorter distances to reach Asia markets.

Recall that any infrastructure bears some degree of risk…that’s why typically any major infrastructure proposal, is subjected to an independent risk assessment to protect the investors and the public …The public might ask why was this independent risk assessment step  ignored  for TMX ??

The objections were not ‘ideological tensions’ but instead were based on lack SCIENCE  which our Prime Minister has suggested was to be the basis of government decisions ! The BC government wanted more scientific assurance that tanker spills could be adequately cleanup(not ideological). Lack of science was the issue .

Recall that Mr. Al Monaco ,CEO and President of Enbridge once hinted that their Northern Gateway Pipeline(PNG) terminal ‘possibly ‘ might be moved out of Douglas Channel…why not ask Enbridge to review their market data and invite them to consider purchase of your government pipeline/tanker infrastructure !



https://globalnews.ca/news/4114205/danielle-smith-trans-mountain-pipeline/   Also see this video



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