Before it’s too late !

Marc Eliesen tells us the economics case for the expansion project is bunk – –

More “bunk” ; BC public do NOT want bitumen laden tankers ,UNNECESSARILY , bobbing around in Burrard Inlet; Gulf Islands and their busy narrow passes; the island bound Douglas Channel and the wiggly path remaining to find the open Pacific !

The bitumen transport projects are planned for the WRONG locations— having heard of major oil spill calamities ,one would expect the proponents to recognize and care that the BC public DO NOT WANT BITUMEN LADEN TANKERS bobbing in our waters ,when there is a near ideal location , that provides open ocean access to world bitumen customers—Port Simpson provides such an opportunity. GO THERE ,before it’s too late ! ! Unless we see some consideration by the NEB for the BC ‘PUBLIC INTEREST’ these the pipelines, as proposed ,may become a legal/political we LOTUS LANDERS waken ! !

With some leadership,we could turn this BC PIPELINES MESS into a BC/Alberta winner..easily..our leaders need to LEAD ,by ‘allowing’ a joint venture (Enbridge and KM) to build a combined pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson and remove practically all the concerns/fears about that bitumen spill in our waters !

Ultimately ,the ‘REAL ’NEB’ (National Election Ballot) will listen and DECIDE …in October 2015 !