Toss Out !

Don’t ‘toss up’,—‘TOSS OUT’— Port Simpson is the best option for BC and Alberta!
We should NOT  unnecessarily increase bitumen volumes in our busy ocean waters ,and  threaten our multi-billion dollar tourist revenue generating businesses with the inevitable ocean bitumen spill in our ocean waters ,onto shores or fisheries areas!
Two issues  WERE NOT CONSIDERED ADEQUATELY..during the reviews..
1. There is no scientifically proven,(field tested) method ,for containment and recovery of ocean bitumen spills during typical ocean conditions
2. Until that ‘proven method’  happens we need  to locate pipelines and ocean routes where the probability and consequences of an bitumen ocean spill is minimized..
Both pipelines ,as proposed, are  ‘unacceptable ’ ..
BUILD AN ENBRIDGE-KINDER MORGAN COMBINED PIPELINES SYSTEM FROM ALBERTA TO PORT SIMPSON which gives ,least risk,direct access to world markets AND REDUCES  THE THREAT OF OCEAN BITUMEN SPILLS IN OUR Provincial ,multi-billion dollar tourist ,revenue generating ,businesses, in Douglas Channel and vicinity ,Burrard Inlet—and the busy shipping lanes in southern BC and Washington State waters.
 Mr. Harper needs to help his oil friends out of this BC pipelines mess…before it’s too late .

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)