Their Boards of Directors
‘stewarded’ Enbridge and Kinder Morgan when they decided to put forward their  unacceptable pipeline proposals…
1.Did  corporate leaders ever  approach public representatives for preliminary   discussion …..  about their  pipeline plans..?
2. The chosen  paths of ‘least financial resistance’.. are not acceptable..
3.The plans showed bitumen tankers sailing through BC’ busiest,most environmentally sensitive waters..but the pipe liners’ are  not responsible for the tankers/shipping !?
3.But worry not—there will be a public hearing ! What for…. IF WE CANNOT GET A ‘PUBLICALLY ACCEPTED PROJECT PLAN’ ?
4.The more difficult issues will be glossed over—or passed on to government ,as ‘CONDITIONS’, for handling ..without public input..!?
5..The Prime Minister has signalled that  ,in the Canadian public interest, he will  approve these pipelines !
6. The Prime Minister ,when about to be faced by  the pending ULTIMATE NEB(National Election Ballot) ..could just in time ….offer a common sense compromise solution ….
7 …one that minimizes the potential damages from a bitumen spill in our ocean waters..
It’s time for the ‘tough’ Mr.  Harper to lead  in Canada …and forget about  ‘warring’ with Russia   !