Enbridge proposed, in May 2010 , to build a pipeline from Alberta to Kitimat BC …  which   required bitumen laden tankers to  travel ,unnecessarily, through some of BC’ environmentally sensitive  waters .
No doubt,BC  public opinion was tainted by the infamous   ,July 2010 ,Michigan,Enbridge  pipeline failure .Contributing to the ‘non-decision’ was the
Enbridge   failure  to convince anyone that  they cared  !
Years have passed,that  government is GONE,and the pipeline… a  dream only .
The  new Federal government  leader who has promised,ceaselessly, to listen and let science help us decide…  … just platitudes ……For instance,he  publically ‘decided that the Kinder Morgan, Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP)is HIS choice!!!!
THEN ‘decision’ two. By banning tankers in BC’ northern waters, he  effectively  KILLED the Enbridge Northern Gateway project..without any public involvement..or science !..These’ TOO  HASTY’  DECISIONS, are concerning !
Does   Kinder Morgan have  the ‘green light’ to build their ill-conceived pipeline system…Seems so,the Supreme Leader has decided !
Yes there are simpler,more acceptable options to build a smarter pipeline system…that the BC public could accept..if publically and professionally debated !