The BC public tried to get involved in the pipelines public hearings……. but the government of the day wouldn’t listen…!
During the recent election campaign ,one gang promised  , ad nauseam ,to ‘listen’ and use ‘science’ to help them decide!..This gangs’  PM has stated his preference for the Kinder Morgan pipeline  twinning scheme…Were his advisers not paying attention when BC public expressed their  great dislike of the much increased tank farm capacity and  increased bitumen laden tanker traffic in our ever  busier southern waters ?
The ‘science’ required would be a world class storage and shipping  risk assessment  ..Yes, risk studies  prove only that ‘something’ is becoming more/less probable…
….and sooner or later, government ,in the public interest, must decide when the risk becomes too high..
The Harper government promised  a shipping risk study for BC coast…where is that study ?
Our provincial government is spending billions to earthquake proof or abandon public schools …..based on risk assessments..!! Stupid government !?
Yes  mister PM , do the science—THEN  decide..!
And now about your  decision to ban  oil tankers from BC’ northern waters…?