Mr.Trudeau, the  new ‘convert’  to  Climate Change religion (which apparently he  ‘understands’)… gave him that golden opportunity  to grab some of the limelight while in the midst of most world leaders…and masterfully done .
Mr. Coyne’s column  however, puts ‘things’ nicely into context…although I’d guess that Mr. Coyne,is not yet fully ‘converted !
So now,what’s Justin Trudeau    to do for an encore..  one of the first items is to fix is the BC pipelines MESS! We recollect how Mr. Trudeau,while electioneering,had DECIDED  that the Kinder Morgan,ill-conceived ,twinning pipeline scheme was the way-to-go..No doubt his DECISION was based on some SECRET input from the now revered  scientists.. ..or was this just another knee-jerk ,election promise…!
No, Mr. PM—we want the new NEB to have a full public airing with cross examination of experts about  the BC public’ concerns..and expect a common sense pipeline decision that minimizes the potential for bitumen spills in the core of our environmentally related industries !