Enbridge committed $2.25 million..OVER 10 YEARS  ….to a “first-of-its-kind centre”…per University of Calgary president Elizabeth Cannon.

Had the  research focussed on a public   MAJOR  concern …. containment and recovery of bitumen spills in BC coastal waters..we might have seen more progress with the Enbridge, Northern Gateway project AND  the Kinder Morgan twinning proposal….instead we have a BC pipelines mess….,soon to ‘fixed’, by the son of the FOUNDER of the infamous NEP ?!


.If research  progress is a bit slow..possibly speed up research  by asking Mr. Kinder for a few millions…But  we  forget, pipeliners ‘don’t need to care’ about bitumen spills in our ocean waters..that’s the responsibility of…. OTHERS ..!

It is not unusual for us and CBC  to find fault..yet few offer solutions..yet there is an obvious way to get the bitumen to market ..with some leadership…?