Rachel Notley she has decided to play ball with the Federal Liberals !! Apparently some favourable climate accord deal was fashioned…which will soon be cast aside after the next Alberta election… ! Your best bet Premier is to  encourage everyone  to hear the common sense arguments for a new pipeline to the coast that could handle more dilbit with less risk !



Murray Rankin, MP Victoria “ .. took the PM  at his word when saying ..the approval process(for the Trans Mountain Expansion(TMX)pipeline would be “redone”…Did not happen !

MP Rankin ..”My question to the Liberals is this: since when is breaking…. promises, accepting unscientific assessments and inadequate consultation , threatening …. orcas, and BC’s coastal environment ……. in the national interest?


The PM  offered to mediate this pipelines issue whereupon he could direct  tankers  to more  open waters !

The government’s recent  Omnibus Bill C 69 criteria ,along with existing risk assessments of BC port locations(see attach.) and  The West Coast Spill Response Study, by NUKA  ) would leave the PM with one choice…namely Port Simpson !

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

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