The Enbridge  BC/Alberta  bitumen export proposal came  on the heels of the unfortunate July 2010,Kalamazoo River tributary ,  diluted bitumen pipeline failure …
The US National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), referred to Enbridge   management of the clean-up/recovery efforts .. akin to the  ‘KEYSTONE KOPS” ! Understandably , the BC public  did not  want ‘this bunch’ operating  in our backyard  !
Later, Kinder Morgan proposed to 7-fold  increase of bitumen  tankers ,in our busy Vancouver  harbour…another unwelcome bunch !
Sadly, our local leaders were unable to grapple with the critical issue…diluted bitumen shipping .
Had Lower Mainland governments, pooled their resources and sought international,independent experts to produce schollarly, scientifically studied , risk assessments , the NEB would  have been better able to  advise the government about more publically acceptable bitumen transport options..
Senior government elected officials  have access to skilled staff and departmental funds to carry out studies of public significance..OR were these newly elected Ministers/Members not comfortable with producing  ‘any science’ that directly ‘opposed’ their Leader’s ,’already- decided’  positions !?
Methinks,yes !  Thus, we dither on .