Those unwelcome,unnecessary bitumen tankers !

We heard recently  that West Vancouver mayor would  not challenge Kinder Morgan’ proposal to increase bitumen tanker traffic , even though the bitumen industry has not  yet demonstrated a  SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN bitumen spill containment/recovery  method,in typical ocean conditions .For now ,there should be no increased bitumen tanker traffic in Burrard Inlet and other busy BC waters ! !  Most other southern BC communities   are vehemently against the KM bitumen pipeline twinning proposal ..
See link ,  ,which showed Ambleside beach ,after two ships collided in English Bay …!
In case you think that another oil (bunker)spill won’t happen … maybe think AGAIN !
Now comes along a proposal to increase LNG shipments ,locally. Have you NOT HEARD that LNG is the ‘darling’ of the petroleum  industry and our Premier is working hard to bring the benefits to BC
The LNG industry suffered a horrendous incident in 1944   and now, 70 years hence, the LNG industry offers an excellent safety what’s the beef?
Alberta needs to export it’s bitumen—where the probability of ocean bitumen spills is minimized..Port Simpson looks like good location,(not Douglas Channel or Salish Sea waters) !