Beware,the Army !

Much of our worth is in the value of our natural resources,particularly our ‘green brand’ multi-billion dollar environment related industries-…Currently we have ‘THE PIPELINERS’ MESS ‘because they CHOSE to disregard public concerns— and may face another adversary soon ? The ARMY !

There is an issue which seems to have remained under the radar..The effort of the DFO, the public(your neighbour) , First Nations,industry,local business BCIT, who work diligently to re-establish many of our historically ‘abused’ fisheries rivers,streams,estuaries in Burrard Inlet AND THROUGHOUT BC it the silent ARMY—which coincidentally support another significant segment of the multibillion dollar BC economy.—the recreational,sport and commercial fisheries. !

I suggest that someone in the DFO ,who has better access to big picture , issue a story that recognizes and commends everyone who continually works to improve our ‘Green Label’..AND let the public,governments and pipeline proponents know what areas require special precautions or avoidance !!!
Better forewarned—and not to upset the volunteer ARMY !!