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Imagine this ‘hypothetical ‘ scenario….Great Pipelines  Inc.( call them GPI), today ,  presents a proposal to Lower Mainland group council session, to build a dilbit loading terminal, in Burnaby,…just east of second Narrows CN rail bridge…an accompanying 1100 km transmountain pipeline…terminating  at a  mountainside tank farm in a Burnaby residential neighbourhood, all for export via comparatively large  Aframax size  dilbit tankers….
Can anyone guess at the reception for GPI..…after hearing about this   ill-conceived scheme !

Forget it !!

Now fast forward …what went so wrong. Did Kinder Morgan, ever  have  courtesy meeting to advise local communities of their plans…This would  slow down the process…we(KM)  know how to deal with public hearings process…and we expect  approval of our proposal ,since it will likely be declared a project of ‘National Interest’…and therefore can receive prompt government approval..

As local folks started to hear about the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline(NGP)…and the skeptical northern BC  response…because of concerns about dilbit spills in Douglas Channel…and the tricky exit channels ,as the dilbit laden tankers worked their way out to the open Pacific.

Similar concerns soon were expressed by the southern BC public…during the local Trans Mountain NEB public hearings…but no one heard…and few were allowed to express their concerns. The hearings dragged on and on…oops ,there’s a federal election…in sight.

Guess what, suddenly we had a new government with a leader …that has  learned on the job ..he has  offered some promising  counsel …relative to the BC   two  pipelines saga..

Most recently the PM told the public that ‘government grants  permits…but the local community grants permission…”What a relief…We think he’s got it !

What’s left now is to find a way to gain BC approval for a pipeline plan that makes sense…and minimizes the probability of a dilbit spill , which could adversely affect our tourism industry….which brings in $ mullti-billions for our business and tax revenues.

Transport Canada handles matters related to our coastal waters…assign them to deliver a plan that would outline where tankers could travel our coast with relatively minimum probability of creating a dilbit spill situation…Burrard Inlet,the Salish Sea, Douglas Channel and the Great Bear rain forest areas would be excluded…and  the obvious choice that several have suggested…is an open port location ,north of Prince Rupert…which offers open access to the Pacific…and also minimize land spills by building just one combined pipelines system…in a common corridor….simple as that..

There’s one other issue that will be addressed ..that is security…there are scenarios that would not come to mind…so to waken your awareness…see Jack Gin’s paper…which was filed with NEB Aug 18,2015Filing id A583229….or see link

Thank you for this opportunity to participate in this panel presentation

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)


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Comment…not likely to change anything…the panel will present ‘their take’ on what was presented .…In fairness, the panel was offered little new to work with…we’ll wait and see…I’m guessing that PM will argue that he gave the public a chance to speak(therefore vindicated)…they spoke…a well behaved bunch…and now it’s Alberta’s time for the reward…??? Hope I’m wrong…bets ??