Yes. we have no ‘pipelines’ today !

Recently,Mr. Harper,  SCOLDED Mr. Putin about the ‘Ukrainian problem’..will my Ukrainian kin be pleased with the ‘hollow’ support..
Now,Mr. Harper  TELLS  Mr. Obama that he will not  take ‘NO’ for an answer about the Keystone XL dithering ….while knowing very well that President Obama is looking to ‘the environment’ as his legacy issue…..
So much for Canadian diplomacy !
Today,we have no pipelines


bitumen production reduced, economy threatened,leaders dither, public excluded , customers wait —-while Mr. Prentice looks at tax increases ?
Both  pipelines,AS PROPOSED, would significantly  increase volumes of bitumen tanker traffic in the island-bound Douglas Channel,our
busy southern BC and Washington State waters and shores…but there’s no need to utilize these ILL-CHOSEN ROUTES …!!
We have seen no independent,scientifically tested and proven method  to  contain and recover a bitumen spill  in TYPICAL OCEAN CONDITIONS.
There are studies that show a greater risk of bitumen spills when shipping  traffic is increased … ….but our public protector(NEB!) has chosen to not  hear/review these reports.. !
Instead, let’s combine the pipelines  and ship to world markets from a relatively  ‘open’ sea terminal at ,or near, Port Simpson ..thus minimizing threats to our multi-billion dollar ,  environmentally related  businesses ..while giving the BC public a more  acceptable method to get the Alberta bitumen to market.