Our elected government’s  job is to make the tough decisions  about future infrastructure requirements…, such as the BC   bitumen pipelines  !
‘These controversial pipelines likely were partly responsible for ‘departure’ of the   Stephen Harper gang   !!
PM Trudeau  needs no one to help him  to  concoct instant answers and solutions to some previously,thought to be, difficult pipeline and  world issues….
Soon after the election PM Trudeau  decided that oil tankers were no longer permitted to travel in our northern BC waters !! During the election campaign  he announced to the media his  preference for the Trans Mountain Expansion Project….!
The ‘new bunch in Ottawa has no need for a  public review  process….they  just  await the word of their Supreme Leader ??
So much for the Trudeau promised  “listening”and “,science” approved approach to making vital infrastructure decisions ….Our oil remains  in the ground —while Russia madly builds oil and gas pipelines to of much of  Asia…
…and we dither on…while the BC public awaits the next pronouncement.. !

Who said ‘he wasn’t ready’ ??