Twenty countries  have   greater proven natural gas reserves than Canada..   .

Iran has 18% (Canada less than 1%) of world’ proven reserves…see     “ Malaysia’s Ambassador ….voiced his country’s enthusiasm for widening.. economic, cultural and scientific domains.

One would guess that the Malaysians will end up with great deal…given favourable gas-buying conditions..??

About 12.6 per cent of Canada’s  electricity supply comes from coal, …so why aren’t these Canadian ‘CO2 producers’ being converted to natural gas–now ?

Is Premier Clark’s  Malaysian  export  ’deal’  in accord with Canada’s   Energy Export Plan…??


Or, is ‘ big oil’ still determining  Canada’s  pipelines,gas and oil  Export  Plans ..


Also, I’d expect any BC resources EXPORT  deal would be subject to Federal government approval ??


PLAN and be READY !

Bitumen pipelines and oil tankers will be publically acceptable in BC

..IF ;


1.we are  READY to help at sea with distressed tankers and  have an INDEPENDENTLY ,scientifically proven, field tested, BITUMEN  containment and recovery technology for TYPICAL OCEAN CONDITIONS  ..and

  1. MINIMIZE the probability of bitumen spills !


Did the  Russian freighter ‘event’ waken us…our  Canadian Coast Guard did their best…BUT surely there are new ,adequate, rescue vessels IN ‘the PLAN’—so we can be READY.

From the outset,the  Enbridge and Kinder Morgan ill-conceived pipeline schemes  disregarded  BC’ PUBLIC CONCERNS !!

Thanks to the Russians ,Mr. Harper must now understand that BC does not want multi-fold increases in bitumen volumes ‘unnecessarily’ plying our busiest ocean waters..

Alberta can just as well send it’s bitumen (to Port Simpson)through a combined pipelines  system—while minimizing  the probability of bitumen shipping incidents  in our busiest waters; the multi billion dollar, tourist generating businesses and  environmentally sensitive ocean areas..

While Mr. Harper ‘solves’ the world’s  problems we hear diddly squat about solving  problems  in Lotus Land..check the polls,then  take action !