May 5   flawed


NOTE: Government insiders say the instructions given a few months later — to find a way to approve the expansion — were explicit. Public servants were never asked to prepare for the possibility that the government might reject the pipeline, they explain, or restart the federal review using a new and improved process that Trudeau himself had promised.




The Trans Mountain Expansion(TMX) pipeline was decided after a  “most exhaustive (but flawed) review’ process ! . Our government has created   new ,more robust,  assessment criteria ,Omnibus Bill C69, which could have been given as  the basis of the next review…to better  address the tanker spills issue,

Mr. PM, recall when you said  “a more robust process would apply to the     Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline…and “Yes. Yes, It applies to existing projects, as well.”

BC is offered a ’flawed’ , TMX  pipeline/tanker export plan BUT when the Liberal Eastern voter block’ grumbled’ about Energy East, , that plan  suddenly died !!

PM Trudeau claims science is to be a key element  before decisions are offered, but  I guess he forgot ?

TMX was a political decision…plain and simple. The government scientists ,if asked , would soon have pointed out the weaknesses of the TMX planned tanker routing !

The  Federal Government has reported that Port Simpson is the least risk  (#1)tanker terminal location, Vancouver area the worst location,(17th)…

Take it from there Mr. PM ,use the science !