Why Bother ?

Kinder Morgan can hide behind the skirts of the ‘conveniently crafted’ NEB rules—and leave the tough questions unanswered ? 
Some might argue– why bother with an NEB charade—since Mr. Harper has already signalled that both of our ill-conceived pipeline projects are to be declared in the National Interest
Recall , Kinder Morgan reminded us many times ,that they are not responsible for bunker after the they  wave ‘bye bye’ to the departing bitumen carrier—so Kinder Morgan (KM) don’t need know the answer about bitumen spills clean up..
No one knows  !!Canada has yet to demonstrate it’s  ‘world class’ BITUMEN containment and bitumen recovery technology .
The LNG INDUSTRY required many decades to solve their storage and transport problems—maybe the BITUMEN INDUSTRY should take some time to prove their technology before willy nilly travelling through our environmentally sensitive waters and fisheries—and threatening our multibillion dollar revenue tourist  industry..eh? Move both pipelines to Port Simpson-now.In the meantime pipeliners,both,show some concern—do your research—and forget about travelling our narrow island passes,busy harbours,,island bound waters !