Vancouver has  taken a stand against the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP) and made a submission to TMEP Ministerial Panel..…

The National Energy Board (NEB)  refuses to allow cross examination i !…. How is this in the public interest ??

The TMEP dilbit export plan  will increase 7 fold the number of dilbit laden tankers sailing our busy southern BC waters… … Trans Mountain, (Kinder Morgan) submits that ….there are no impacts….that cannot be mitigated ”  !  Meanwhile a US EPA funded risk assessment (for Salish Sea ,etc.) ‘Concludes  …  there is no guarantee that risk increases due to traffic increases can be fully mitigated.”

Canada has a stable of scientists…why not have them ,possibly in cohort with some international risk assessment experts, search for a less risky tanker routing plan…?. Mister Prime Minister …we expect our government to do the ‘due diligence ‘ and find the least risky tanker routes on our coast that would reduce the probability of a dilbit spill on coast…in the public interest ?

Tanker loading ocean terminal location remains as the key issue !




Our National Energy Board did not satisfactorily address  to the public concern about the associated increased risk potential for a 7 fold increase of dilbit laden tankers in our busy, waters .Our PM told us  “We need to be basing our decisions and policies on facts, on evidence and on SCIENCE !…but no independent scientific risk assessment  study exists !! Meanwhile our ‘uninformed’ ,Government approved the TMEP !!

The  BC government  did have  a study prepared for them…“WEST COAST SPILL RESPONSE STUDY,(by Nuka Research), VOLUME 2:     “Purpose……the BC government has a strong interest in understanding the risks associated…with increased shipping… ”  ..with FOOT   NOTE 1.   “This is NOT a ‘risk assessment’??”… “ this report COULD BE USED TO SUPPORT FUTURE COMPREHENSIVE RISK ASSESSMENTS”….OK let’s do that ….the future is now !

An ‘independent’ ,comprehensive  U.S. risk study exists……consider  collaboration with Canadian governments…with this same (US) George Washington University study group and ,together ,

produce a risk assessment for  our shared Salish Sea waters…should be able to offer another  scientific  opinion …and then decide if a safer route should be sought…king together makes sense…since we would be collaborating shouils a a spill incident happen in our shared Sea,



about the ‘soundness’ of the TMEP planned marine routing for dilbit laden tankers ….!

Our government has a stable of scientists which our PM has recognized…and has now decided to ‘strengthen’ with a new Chief Science Advisor…Assign these scientists to produce a risk assessment for the BC coast…and identify the least risk tanker marine routes…before it’s too late !


: Kinder Morgan Board…Don’t approve this faulty pipeline scheme…

Had  Canada  produced an independent risk assessment of this proposed  Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP) ,the Canadian National Energy Board review process could have directed that a less risky marine route be chosen… …. In their blissful ignorance  our governments  can now ‘plan’ for these vital export revenues.

Washington State has produced a comprehensive risk assessment study about shipping  in our shared Salish Sea ……Since corporations must protect  the long term interests of their shareholders…one should expect an independent risk assessment of any major capital expenditures …to be in the Corporate interest !…Fortunately…such an ‘independent’  risk study exists…and with some updating…and possible collaboration with Canadian governments…this same George Washington University study group should be able to offer an expert opinion about the ‘soundness’ of the TMEP planned marine dilbit laden tanker routing ….! https://www.seas.gwu.edu/~dorpjr/VTRA/PSP/FINAL%20REPORT/PSP%20FINAL%20REPORT%20-%20DRAFT%20012214%20-%20HQ.pdf


In the public AND  shareholder interest let the corporation do the due diligence that our Canadian governments failed to carry out !

Yes, with a smarter ,alternative route, there is an opportunity  to export …more dilbit…at less cost…and at less risk ….! Think of a joint ,shared capital/operating cost venture

, single pipeline system …(possibly a combined KM /Enbridge Pipeline from Alberta to  a terminal  near Port Simpson BC …for  loading of larger tankers….!


And forego an incident similar to a  BC War in the Woods …or another  the Sioux Standing Rock incident….?




Carl Shalansky; P. Eng. (Retired);

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There are smarter ways to export this without the proposed  7 fold increase of diluted bitumen (dilbit)tankers cruising our busy Vancouver B.C. harbour , and the island bound ,Canada/US shared ,Salish Sea  .

Canada too has a history of standing against disrespectful behavior of industry…our infamous War in the Woods episode , (Clayoquot sound near Tofino to oppose the clearcutting of an old growth forest) …………might be seen ,again, if TMEP proceed with this ill-conceived pipeline project.


Washington State has produced a comprehensive risk assessment study about shipping, in of our shared Salish Sea …and they are not happy…

Canada could export dilbit through one pipeline that loads tankers in an area far from busy ,environmentally, less risk-prone route…near Port Simpson BC…that offers tankers access to the open Pacific and  likely greatly lessens the probability of an diluted bitumen spill in Canadian/US busy ,island-bound waters…but, let independent risk assessment science be done ,first !

Our government , has chosen to ignore BC public outcry against the TMEP as proposed…

Maybe our Washington State neighbours could call our BC Premier Clark Prime Minster ..or ask President Trump to call neighbour  Prime Minister  Trudeau   and work out a more mutually acceptable deal…and forgo potential of another  Standing Rock Sioux situation or War in the Woods like incident.

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

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North Vancouver ,BC

NEB…….. MODERNIZATION suggestions…

NEB ….Modernization  suggestions….


Our  Federal government is on the horns of a dilemma…They  have a BC/Alberta   energy export  plan that potentially offers Canada  billions in (tax) revenue……Government  likely would prefer that this ‘pipeline’ application is recommended to government after NEB review….although the Federal  government can approve the project, in the National Interest ,without the NEB approval… ‘ because the government must gain the revenue…in the National Interest !

Online we’re told  “NEB… regulate pipelines….in the Canadian public interest.   By considering all the evidence…. We … make decisions …. that represent ….interests and concerns of Canadians”

Government  is never easy…as they must find a way to convince the ‘electorate’ that they  considered‘ all the evidence’ put before them .. which in BC excluded the key evidence…specifically ,a science-based  independent BC coast risk assessment.

Herein lies the basis of the BC public concern about the Kinder Morgan, Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline(TMEP)… …What went wrong…the NEB saw only  the evidence  (put before them), “not all evidence’ …and excluded any independent expert science that studied the potential navigation risks  on the entire BC coast…or any of ‘THE SCIENCE  that our Prime Minister promised …We saw  no  southern BC community give ‘permission’ for the TMEP…which the PM also said was  required to gain a government ‘permit’..! Add to this the PM publically stated ,unfounded, ‘preference’ for the TMEP…!

What to do….fix the NEB so that it can better do its job of protecting the public interest…right now the NEB role ,as structured ,appears more as the proponent’ advocate… The NEB  ignored  the issue of greatest public concern(potential marine risks)…which played nicely into the proponents   favour…The TMEP  energy export PROJECT should include several infrastructure components …the pipelines, storage tanks, shipping terminals ,cleanup facilities, in place insurance policies, improved navigation equipment,  and protected shipping routes…etc.

The NEB hearing process should include ,as required, necessary on site expertise for all parties …the public , the Board and the proponent, to question…in order that the public sees that ‘due process ‘ happens…….Recall that the PM promised to use science to help when deciding…a major concern of the BC public was the ill-chosen dilbit tanker routes…In the public interest the stable of government scientists(or contacted world experts)  should have prepared a risk analysis of the BC coast…and then ,during the NEB review ,argue ,in the public interest, for the least risk routing…

Other ‘blocking ‘ issues are the ineffective First |Nations communications…and the Climate Change concern…which also must be dealt with during the Hearing…the public wants to see how these issues were addressed….knowing that compromises will be required…but the pipelines are vital…and ultimately must be built…

So yes, reshape the NEB and require that it offer a well-balanced review of all related issues of public concern…openly…and yes imperfectly…

One last issue is about THE PIPELINE CORPORATION ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE…which should include an  ongoing corporate function, responsible and unfettered, to  determine  and report system integrity issues  and  recommendations directly  to the Board…on  a need to know basis..

Boards, typically ,claim they their main responsibility is to provide corporate STEWARDSHIP…presumably for the entire organization…


Include in the corporate structure an  expert executive    RESPONSIBLE to watch over the integrity of the  entire pipeline system … this responsible person, will have access to all system operations staff/reports and will attend or lead on national and international associations/committees that include operations safety as a key component …thus ensuring that the corporation ,ultimately. is given the best  ‘operations safety ‘ counsel available…allowing the Board then to direct the necessary ,timely, remedies … This accountability feature should allow the Board make better use of its ability to correct a pending operations calamity…Some might suggest…that a ‘bit’ of accountability sharpens the senses !


Something new/different for consideration…I use the comment  the U.S. NTSB about the Enbridge Pipeline investigation known ‘questionable’ condition…to humbly offer my recommendation…

https://www.ntsb.gov/investigations/AccidentReports/Reports/PAR1201.pdf  “ Deficient integrity management procedures, which allowed well-documented crack defects in corroded areas to propagate until the pipeline failed.” This NTSB comment begs the question…did the Enbridge Board know about the ‘well-documented crack defects’?…should they have known  ?….and more importantly…what should Enbridge do…to reduce the probability of a repeat ,similar ,event..


Does the structural change suggested help to reduce public safety calamities such as the July 2010 Enbridge Kalamazoo incident…

Boards, typically ,might prefer to not have to deal with ‘nuts and bolts’ issues…but has that time now arrived…?


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

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Had the Enbridge Board listened to their new Enbridge President and C.E.O.,AL Monaco ,who hinted to the media, that the Enbridge Natural Gas Pipeline(NGP) , ‘possibly’ could be moved out of Douglas Channel,….. NGP might have been built by now !!

Enbridge and Kinder Morgan leaders likely relied on PM Harper’s ‘signal’ that he could whisk these vital pipeline projects through Parliament…?
Now a jinx appeared… a new Prime Minister,(who promised to use science …but soon forgot) … suddenly made a ‘knee jerk’ decision to ban oil tanker traffic from the BC north Coast… and then with similar’ knee jerk’ precision, APPROVED the ill-conceived Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline…!

Mr. Monaco’s recent comment to oil biggies , that it’s …‘about actually LISTENING…and RESPONDNING ‘… should give us some hope…
Our Senate has just released THEIR ‘critical’ pipelines report…where they made recommendations on how the government can restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process !
Imagine this scenario ,where our much impugned Senate rejects government’s hastily decided, unscientifically proven, pipeline decisions… …and instructs Government to find the ‘least- risk’ marine ROUTE AND avoid needless tanker travel through busy, or island bound waters…
Build ONE PIPELINE SYSTEM, to an open water location near Port Simpson …and celebrate a science based decision…that would REMOVE the 7 fold increase of dilbit laden tankers in the busy, island bound waters…and gain those much needed export revenues !

Carl Shalansky,P Eng ,retired
North Vancouver,
604 986 4657


Canada’s national and Provincial leaders have called for a ‘world class’ diluted bitumen (dilbit) spill containment and recovery system…Until such a ‘contraption’ is shown to work satisfactorily in REAL OCEAN CONDITIONS we should avoid allowing these behemoth bitumen carriers in our busy, environmentally sensitive waters , potentially affecting our multi-billion dollar commercial/environmentally related ‘industries’ —certainly not in our shared island-bound SALISH SEA.
Why not combine Enbridge(Canada’s other wannabe pipeline proponent) and Kinder Morgan,Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline(TMEP) pipelines ,from Alberta, to a port location near Port Simpson, on the BC north coast…a location that minimizes the probability of spills …few islands…and little marine traffic. Such a decision should be supported by expert, INDEPENDENT, risk specialists –Prime Minister Justin Trudeau proclaimed that ‘science’ will help them to decide..! Instead our PM has, decided that he PREFERS the TMEP …without showing any supporting science’…
Typically, risk analysis studies should/would been prepared before any in major investment decisions, such as management of major maritime transportation infrastructure !
Two studies are discussed…
1. Our BC government did have a consultant study marine traffic on our coast.. see
1.1 Purpose……the BC government has a strong interest in understanding the risks associated…
with increased shipping… “..THEN we see the NOTE 1 ……”This is NOT a risk assessment…!!
…what the ??

2.FINAL REPORT: VTRA ( Vessel Traffic RISK Assessment) funded by U.S. EPA.
The VTRA study area includes BC marine traffic in shared Salish Sea waters..:

Why did our pipeline review Energy Board review not include this available risk study material..
Our leaders must demand that the ‘best science’ be applied when making these vital decisions…or are we left ,instead, with decisions made by the pipe-liner bean counters ?
Carl Shalansky , P. Eng.(retired)
North Vancouver, BC…6049864657


Our government approves the ill-conceived Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP).  without any expert independent(science) risk assessment….Recall that our campaigning PM , stated that he ‘preferred’  the TMEP…  …I suppose no one is surprised  that ,in Cabinet, the boss’ preferences are ‘the best’ ….!

Have the BC Cabinet Ministers not heard their outraged  BC electorate  ? A TMEP rep tells local media ….”.by implementing well-known and proven mitigation, there are no environmental …impacts ….that cannot be ‘mitigated”…!      ….just more meaningless words…

Our new leader did stop the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline because he wanted to protect the Great Bear Rainforest…but he didn’t seem to care that the southern BC waters  would be subjected to a 700% increase in dilbit laden tankers in our established, busy ,multibillion dollar ,environmentally related visitor industry…or OUR already threated BC sea critters .

Our now ‘unshackled ‘ Senate has just produced a comprehensive pipelines report    that severely pans the way in which our government has handled this most vital national pipelines export plans…The much lampooned Senate group would soon regain stature IF THEY stood up to government  and ‘encouraged’ them to do the science and find the least-risk pipeline and marine routes….where consequences of a dlbit spill possibility is minimized….likely nowhere near Douglas Channel, Burrard Inlet ..or the International Salish Sea…Our Washington State  neighbours are watching us …nervously !!


Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

Blog: https://redfern3359.wordpress.com/

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…. ‘risks were significantly understated’ is the key issue” !… …. Here you have an opportunity to make it ‘scientifically’ evident  that the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP) ,as proposed, is not an acceptable  !


Recall when  Harper government ,wanted  to see a ‘risk assessment’ for the BC coast… http://www.nsnews.com/opinion/letters/letter-let-science-determine-best-pipeline-scheme-1.2131224  .

Has anyone seen this study ?


George Washington University professors, with EPA funding , completed a risk assessment  that showed their concern about increased TMEP and other shipping in the Salish Sea……https://www.seas.gwu.edu/~dorpjr/VTRA/PSP/FINAL%20REPORT/PSP%20FINAL%20REPORT%20-%20DRAFT%20012214%20-%20HQ.pdf


Most Burrard Inlet  and Southern BC community  leaders are concerned about the 700% increase in dilbit laden tankers in our busy waters……Possibly  First Nations people and all other southern BC communities could share the cost for producuing an expert risk assessment..


Would  a new INDEPENDENT , expert, risk assessment  study  show the TMEP study to be unacceptably risky ?? …Would the government then be in a better position to order NEB to instruct Kinder Morgan (TMEP) to incorporate the independent risk results into a revised dilbit export plan.. ‘Such an expert study woud be costly and would ‘take some time’ to complete…so get started ,and come up with scientific evidence  to convince Prime Minster Trudeau… to let science be the basis of the final, better, export decision .

Some have suggested that just ONE ‘combined ‘ Enbridge-TMEP pipeline be built…to somewhere  near Port Simpson…to give loaded dilbit tankers  open ocean access to the Pacific.


In  a Franklin Delano Roosevelt biography,…the  President was asked…”have you ever accepted a bribe”   ….his response was…”no, I have not…. BUT… I  never had a real good offer…”

Media chatter tells us that Premier Christy Clark has now gained a  billion dollar dilbit ,cross province, export , transit  ‘grant’ (from Kinder Morgan (KM), over 20 years…for BC communities …to protect BC coast and environment..

This unique ,’province crossing’ tariff is contrary to national trading tradition…but the billion dollar ‘figure’ ,hopefully, will  look great in BC Liberal election pamphlets… !

When will Alberta demand a tariff  for BC lumber, farmed salmon, imported autos . etc. , as these commodities  cross Alberta  heading east . Surely Quebec and Ontario will  see an opportunity to apply a tariff on Alberta oil as it transits (by pipeline) to Eastern Canada…Limitless ‘opportunities’ to be explored !

Did our Feds take  their eye off the ball…to gain ‘community permission’ for this ill-conceived  KM pipeline …!

It is  not uncommon for a pipe-liner to ‘cough up’ with shiny new fire truck…in a community …to deal with ‘local issues’… ….and is not seen as a potential Nation breaker….

I wonder if our now ‘unshackled’ Senate might order the Federal government to ‘undo, this cozy ,potentially fractious , BC , ‘province crossing’  tariff …?