Change routing,now !

A note to  Alberta ‘pipe dreamers’  who want  to traverse BC lands and waters ..Please  ,BEFOREHAND,  discuss routing plans with local local leaders and officials !


The President and CEO of Enbridge was once quoted in the press about ‘the possibility’ of moving out of Douglas Channel (Kitimat) …..and now  Alberta Premier,Jim Prentice says  there are “other options besides Kitimat from which to unload unrefined heavy oil onto tankers” …and  then days later ‘forgot’ what he’d said !..  And now we have he UBCM convention ready to challenge the dumb Kinder Morgan proposed routing through Burrard Inlet and the busy Salish Sea shipping lanes which potentially threatens  these busy waters,and  shores and  waters in Southern BC and Washington state…


Since there is NO SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN, field DEMONSTRATED method, for handling bitumen spills in typical ocean conditions we suggest that you

Install your terminal and shipping routes where the probability and consequences of bitumen spills is minimized—that is ,NOT DOUGLAS CHANNEL—or the busy SALISH SEA  SHIPPING LANES..  It’s simple; build ONE COMBINED PIPELINES SYSTEM from Alberta  to Port Simpson…and from there ship directly to world markets.


Mr.  Harper could now hear and work with our mayors ,and instruct the NEB to order a ‘pipelines route change’ ….and   FIX THE BC PIPELINES MESS,NOW—and see happier faces at BC polls…in October 2015 !


While no one leads !

The Zack Embree photo ,showing the ’WE LOVE THIS COAST’ banner , captures the essence of the main BC public concern . Thus far, the pipeline proponents ,the NEB and our leaders appear to CARE NAUGHT !!….??They all plod ahead with their ill—conceive, much disliked plans—WHY ???

Everyone ‘LOVES THIS COAST’ ….and I doubt that any would want those special BC waters and shores to be unnecessarily damaged !
There is a SIMPLE WAY out of this bitumen tanker ,pipeline mess…
FIRST; where ever POSSIBLE , keep the bitumen laden tankers out of busy harbours/passes ,narrow channels, island bound waters—
SECOND; consolidate the two wannabe Alberta bitumen export pipeline projects into ONE combined facility —and practically eliminate the potential for damage to the COAST . A bitumen shipping terminal at PORT SIMPSON (not Kitimat—and NOT Burrard Inlet) would provide relatively OPEN ACCESS TO THE PACIFIC and WORLD MARKETS —and reduce ,to a minimum ,the probability of a bitumen spills !

Come on EVERYONE, lets get on with it—Alberta and the market waits–