Fresh Approach !

 The new premier (Jim Prentice)knows the challenges…
“… start with… world-class regulator and first-quality science …” . 
During  the Northern Gateway project..our ‘regulator’ did NOT HEAR BC’ concerns and  eventually concluded  with  200 ‘conditions’—for the backroom experts to handle.. ?
World class ??
BC  is familiar with the resources  export business.  So, Mr. Premier please advise your ‘pipe dreamers’ to negotiate with BC officials for  final routing—
As for ‘FIRST QUALITY  science’ demonstrating proven science for containment and recovery of ocean tanker bitumen spills in typical ocean conditions—where is it ??.The best we can do ,to help Alberta bitumen to reach world markets—is to locate bitumen tanker loading terminals where there is minimum probability of tanker spills—NOT IN DOUGLAS CHANNEL or many other busy ,environmentally sensitive areas—which would threaten Southern BC and Washington State waters and shores and our multi billion dollar ocean-waters related businesses !
The unnecessary,ill-considered Kinder Morgan  project raises similar arguments..!
There is a simple way to bring Alberta bitumen to the BC coast.. build one  pipelines system from Alberta to Port Simpson and address BC concerns NOW– ..and get the bitumen to market quickly .
Hopefully with Mr. Prentice’ fresh approach he can convince Mr. Harper to clean-up the  BC  pipelines MESS