Some ‘answers’ for Mr. Anderson


The President of Kinder Morgan (KM)  Canada will answer ‘questions’ …. from communities  ON existing routes, with exception of Vancouver,which is on the ‘marine corridor’ ..   ALL OF SOUTHERN BC  is located on the ‘MARINE CORRIDOR’

,   which offers ocean bitumen spill potential in many of our multi billion dollar revenue generating waters …. !

Recall when Mr. Harper  counselled that SCIENCE ,NOT POLITICS should help us to decide —We’ve seen  ,no demonstrated ,SCIENTIFICALLY  proven method for  recovery of bitumen spills ,in TYPICAL  ocean conditions !




Washington State has produced a SCIENTIFIC  report which forecasts the  likelihood of bitumen spills in the Salish Sea….the NEB chose  to ‘not  hear’ that US EPA funded report ..all in the Canadian public interest ,of course !

KM will quickly  remind us that they ‘need not care’ ,as shipping is not their responsibility. Guess what—the BC public does care !

There is a SIMPLE way to fix the pipelines mess !

Build one pipeline system ,jointly ,from Alberta to  Port Simpson..or vicinity..

Imagine ,no new bitumen tankers to threaten   Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet,Salish Sea waters and shores in BC and Washington State !

Such a move could regain BC public support …and  ‘assist’ with  negotiations  ??


Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)



What Leaders Do !

… the First Nation will …. defend itself against this  ‘review process’ .. “The purpose of the NEB is to regulate pipelines… in the Canadian public interest.” ‘

The NEB has  denied many  from  appearing  as interveners …including the US EPA which  has scientific data     that suggests increased  risks of bitumen spills in our adjoining (Canada/US)waters—BECAUSE of the ever increasing shipping/tanker  traffic—Surely our National Energy Board would be interested the Canadian public interest ?




“… the Salish Sea …. bordering numerous communities en route to

ports in both the US and Canada…characterized by passages …

that are navigationally challenging ….  a biologically rich

ecosystem …these communities depend upon.”


The Kinder Morgan, UNNECESSARY,twinning pipeline twinning project—and  the POORLY LOCATED Enbridge Northern Gateway systems ,need FIXING !

Alberta needs to market it’s growing bitumen production —so build one smart pipeline system (in a corridor) from Alberta  to Port Simpson—giving  wide open access to world markets…

Our Prime Minister could LEAD  by directing the NEB to review  this new scheme and FIX the BC pipelines mess..that’s what leaders  do—LEAD !