Fortuitously, we’ve just witnessed  democracy in action — WHERE ,the ultimate public hearing, the NATIONAL ELECTION BALLOT (NEB) made the logical decision…..   to review these publically unacceptable,ill-conceived, bitumen transport plans—by Enbridge and Kinder Morgan …Most  would like to see a scheme where the threat of bitumen spills in our billion dollar tourist businesses ,in those environmentally sensitive areas,are minimized.. or eliminated .. Stay  out of Douglas Channel,Burrard Inlet and the Salish Sea ..this easily done !

The Simple Way–why not ?

Until the bitumen  spill clean-up technology is scientifically proven to ‘work’  in typical ocean conditions… ocean bitumen tanker routes must be located  where the probability and consequences of bitumen spills is minimized …..and  NOT directly through some of our busiest waterways and the environmentally attractive ,multi-billion dollar tourist  revenue generating businesses..
There were were no meaningful negotiations about ocean routing.  The pipe liners,not surprisingly,selected the paths of least financial resistance..and the National Energy Board (NEB) seems satisfied with these  pipe liners’ ill-conceived ,ocean routing, proposals—The public are not being heard and may yet have to wait ,for the ‘ultimate NEB’ ,(National Election Ballot) ?
However ,there is a simple  way to get the Alberta bitumen to world markets ,soon ..!
The SIMPLE WAY—which will require our leader to LEAD — !
Mr.  Harper ,in the National interest,to order the NEB to instruct Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to change the routing and  ‘jointly’ build their pipelines from Albert to Port Simpson ,which  offers relatively wide open ocean access to world markets.
This is likely a more acceptable proposal which all parties,including the electorate , would   find more acceptable—?