YES,Mr.Harper,exporting our natural resources is in the Canadian National interest.. but please  use a common sense plan that minimizes the probability and consequences of ocean bitumen spills ! The LNG industry required decades to solve  their transport and storage issues—and LNG now  seen as the ‘darling’ of the petroleum industry..
Government  talks about some  ‘world class’ bitumen containment and recovery method..Where is the scientific STUDY carried out by an independent research group,funded by the bitumen industry and government –for comparison with the proponent’s studies ..to demonstrate openly ,to the public,that bitumen spills can be contained and recovered successfully  –in typical ocean conditions ! 

We await this STUDY –or must we rely on lady luck..

In the meantime Mr. Harper,you must adjust  the west coast bitumen export plan and order that  just  one ,jointly managed, pipeline scheme be built ,from Alberta to Port Simpson OR VICINITY and eliminate increased BITUMEN TRAFFIC in our busy ,environmentally sensetive waters— which generate billions in revenue annually !

Our only chance !

The Enbridge application was incomplete and should’ve been sent back for reworking. How will the 209 CONDITIONS be dealt with…likely ,with little public involvement !

1..Why weren’t quality pipe liners invited to COMPETE for this multi-billion dollar ‘opportunity’ ?

2. With just one applicant the NEB should solicit, independently ,world expert opinions to weigh against the proponent’s material.

3.The NEB intervention rules appear to minimize substantive public involvement .

4. Mr. Harper has hinted that he will declare this project in the National interest –so why bother with the NEB charade ?

Now comes the Kinder Morgan NEB public hearing…expect similar ‘rigorous’ analysis !

What to do ?

There is a simple plan—with perhaps the only chance of success..Let PM Harper direct Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to combine their pipeline systems in a corridor from Alberta to a bitumen terminal at Port Simpson…..which provides access to world markets and minimizes the probability of ocean bitumen spills .
Our civic leaders might consider putting together a ‘blue ribbon committee’ to convince the National and Provincial leaders that this approach could help us to get Alberta bitumen to market..quickly and sensibly..