The Plan–DO IT !


“… Burnaby has asked …(Kinder Morgan,(KM)) to address concerns……responses …have been evasive,….(the) report is …very scary….their (KM) emergency plan is secret …”


Surely KM have  plans for upgrading their  aging Burnaby mountain-side oil storage tanks,etc. . Recall recent media story that forecast a Richter scale, level 9.0 quake..Local neighbours will be happy to know that  ALL Kinder Morgan tanks will be ready ?


Alberta needs to get it’s growing bitumen production to market…Here’s how to FIX the Alberta dilemma AND  the  BC PIPELINES MESS … A simple PLAN….build ONE, Alberta  to BC PIPELINES SYSTEM , terminating at Port Simpson ,likely a  publically acceptable BC coast shipping location—to supply world markets. This PLAN eliminates  behemoth bitumen laden tankers from  most BC busy harbours,narrow shipping passes,island bound channels, sensitive fisheries and nearby environmentally sensitive shores .. .This PLAN  is a common sense approach for  minimizing the probability of ocean bitumen spills   ..which we CAN DO…—SO DO IT,DAMN IT !

Imagine the joy in  BC  Enbridge leaves Douglas Channel  and Kinder Morgan ‘cancels’ twinning project !

….and expect to see smiling faces in the voting booth—come Oct. ,2015  !!