Will   Mr. Harper’s pipeline dithering give us the opportunity  to produce  a  more ‘publically acceptable’ bitumen transport  system..

The public requires  basic  background information  to assist them ‘about HOW TO PREPARE relevant input  to the NEB… which ultimately must ‘process’ the public input and make a recommendation to an elected parliament –FOR THEM TO DECIDE..!

Canada’s economic survival is a function of how well we process information  about building infrastructure to move  (export and import) our   commodities.

Unfortunately ,Mr. Harper chose to ‘contort’ the hearings process during the recent Enbridge,Kinder Morgan hearings   …leaving the NEB in awkward position of having to make their recommendation…without having heard competent cultural,scientific,economic information, pro and con.

THAT’S HISTORY,as of Oct 19,2015…. the next government now must decide how to process public  input in a more ‘accessible’  public forum…So far,we’re left with this  ‘imperfect’ (NEB)  public hearings process….that hopefully will be able  to regain public trust..