While no one leads !


The Zack Embree photo ,showing the ’WE LOVE THIS COAST’ banner , captures the essence of the main BC public concern . Thus far, the pipeline proponents ,the NEB and our leaders appear to CARE NAUGHT !!….??They all plod ahead with their ill—conceive, much disliked plans—WHY ???

Everyone ‘LOVES THIS COAST’ ….and I doubt that any would want those special BC waters and shores to be unnecessarily damaged !
There is a SIMPLE WAY out of this bitumen tanker ,pipeline mess…
FIRST; where ever POSSIBLE , keep the bitumen laden tankers out of busy harbours/passes ,narrow channels, island bound waters—
SECOND; consolidate the two wannabe Alberta bitumen export pipeline projects into ONE combined facility —and practically eliminate the potential for damage to the COAST . A bitumen shipping terminal at PORT SIMPSON (not Kitimat—and NOT Burrard Inlet) would provide relatively OPEN ACCESS TO THE PACIFIC and WORLD MARKETS —and reduce ,to a minimum ,the probability of a bitumen spills !

Come on EVERYONE, lets get on with it—Alberta and the market waits–

The ‘tar baby’ gets stickier !

An order-of-magnitude increase in bitumen tanker traffic ,increases the probability of bitumen spills ..!
A near perfect alternative bitumen export terminal location exists ,in Port Simpson , just north of Prince Rupert, which provides relatively OPEN OCEAN ACCESS to world markets—thus minimizing the threat of bitumen spills in ISLAND BOUND Douglas Channel and adjacent areas; in southern BC’, BUSY,TRICKY WATERS …where a bitumen spill ,would significantly affect local communities and the multi-billon dollar BC tourist industry ! A joint ,Enbridge-Kinder Morgan,pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson is suggested..

Enbridge and Kinder Morgan, , choose to hide behind the skirts the NEB while hoping that Cabinet ‘will wave them through’ in the ‘National Interest’ !
We know that infrastructure must be built to satisfy Canada’s revenue requirements…and BC‘s harbours ,shipping terminals and rail yards identify our significant contribution to this vital National import/export business..
The next time the megacorps decide to increase their share value –please ,FIRST, inquire about BC’ public concerns ! Fortunately we have the pending ,ULTIMATE NEB ‘hearing’,the National Election Ballot, and will await their ‘proper’ decision !

NEB Hearings–What went right ?

..not much !

Our BC bitumen pipeline and shipping projects included many areas of PUBLIC INTEREST that did NOT receive full scrutiny during recent Enbridge Northern Gateway NEB Hearings..COMPLEX ISSUES such as; ocean tanker routes ,bitumen spill clean up technology,insurance in case of disastrous bitumen spills; were given less than thorough NEB analysis …
For instance;the Douglas Channel,and now the Burrard Inlet and the Gulf islands routes are strongly opposed .. ?
The NEB format must be setup to include ALL issues that form part of the PROJECT !
Therefore , the NEB must invite/contract for world class expertise before preparing a recommendation for Cabinet review .. the invited interveners, typically, are in no position financially, or sufficiently knowledge able , to challenge the proponent’s ‘chosen’ expert’ opinions..
What happens;
1.Proponents and their experts will offer their version..
2.Our government experts need to appear to SUPPORT the NEB when searching for the best result..in dealing with marine matters,terminals, ocean related operations and insurance matters, spill containment and recovery procedures,etc..
3.International experts—we need to see the NEB ,in the public interest, contract for the best international experts ,to ensure that the public is being offered a ‘world class’ project..we needed to see international experts help us to decide about the wisdom of the proponent ‘chosen’ ocean routes for the bitumen laden tankers..we did not see this openly debated..and therefore remain doubtful of the NEB recommendation.
Instead we see a ‘non-decision’ with 209 conditions,for Enbridge to deal with—somehow– but with no public input !!
Yet there is a fairly simple way to deal with most of these issues..no one, however,seems to be interested..??? see blog..’Happy Lotus Landers ‘

Energy Board or Ouija Board ?

Congratulations to all those ‘allowed’ to intervene and speak…I hope that the NEB provided sufficient funds for you to contract your ‘chosen’ world class experts to prepare EVIDENCE for the Board …. such as Kinder Morgan will have had prepared ,for them , by their ‘chosen’ experts…?
The NEB tells us…’they regulate pipelines…in the PUBLIC INTEREST’……the essence of their being ;one would think ?? …
The following link is interesting..
http://www.vancouversun.com/news/spill+risks+would+rise+from+three+major+projects+study/9460933/story.html some excerpts follow..
1.“The potential for oil spills in the Haro Strait-Boundary Pass passage increases by 4.75 times as a result of the anticipated increase of 1,250 large ships annually …., according to the draft findings of a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) funded study.” Who are these EPA folks ?—anyhow “they applied as wannabe interveners,TOO LATE”…though we’ll be involved in these ‘hearings’—like forever !
2.”Kinder Morgan’s consultants concluded the risk of a large spill is very low, once in 2,300 years ”…..who will debate this with influential expert data…?
3.”In a brief email, Transport Canada officials said they would review the U.S. study and CONSIDER any new information “…I thought the NEB should deal with this, in open public debate—not the OTTAWA EXPERTS ,alone !

To have a meaningful hearing the NEB should solicit and fund world class expert SCIENTIFIC opinions, independent of the Applicant—to permit a public review of the more complex issues —

Not long ago our Prime Minister counselled that ‘SCIENCE—not POLITICS ‘ should help us to decide…assuming of course that the PM meant ‘both sides’ of the science.

As Kinder Morgan President ,Ian Anderson ,tells us “Asia is where the producers want to get …”

Canada needs to export resources—and since much of the Bitumen would travel to Asia why not ship from an open port, just north of Prince Rupert— through a combined Enbridge/Kinder Morgan pipeline ,from Alberta ,to an open ocean terminal,thus LEAVING MOST ALL OF BC OCEAN WATERS AND SHORES WITHOUT THREAT OF BITUMEN SPILLS…such a common sense solution would require political leadership…leaving most BC’ers in a happier mood come election time—your move leaders…