A Pipelines Opportunity Knocks

Our Prime Minister, early on,  PROMISED to use science when deciding  …but   soon forgot ?

Kinder Morgan   wants to increase dilbit tanker traffic in  BC/Washington shared Salish  Sea waters— by 700 %…!

Yes , the new tankers are double hulled, and better tended and equipped    …BUT there’s been no independent risk assessment science that supports this great increase of dilbit laden tankers in these ‘chosen’ busy ,commercially lucrative waters….Pipelines  and tankers, typically, fail because of ‘human error’ leaving us with just one common sense approach…and that is to minimize the probability of a tanker spill incident.., thus the newly ‘promised  science’ is welcomed…hopefully , not too late ?


Our PM said …. “We need to be basing our decisions and policies on facts, on evidence and on SCIENCE !…”

Ask our scientists  to produce a ‘risk assessment’ to locate the  least risky marine traffic routes in the BC coast  .

Now’s the time to remember your  PROMISE  MR. Prime Minister ,and find that least risky tanker routing plan …before it’s too late !



I recall reading in a biography  about  President Franklin Delano Roosevelt  …when he was asked if he’d ever accepted a bribe…he replied ‘no…but then I never had real good offer ‘ ! Which suggests  that, likely ,we all ‘have a price’…. Other communities might like to know  the ‘Chilliwack GRANT formula’  for gaining this  community’ ‘permission’ ! Recall PM Trudeau’s recent counsel   …that “governments ,after deliberation ,grant permits…and communities grant permission ”. Most southern BC coastal communities might as well get their share…too !

Vancouver Mayor Robertson’s  CFO should be developing their price…the Provincial treasury ,would appreciate a ‘boost’…Premier Clark might at least ask ??

Unless governments and communities stand against this ill-conceived Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning scheme…we’ll end up with a pipeline/tanker operation  that we didn’t want/need…for the next half century ..or longer !