Yes,the MAIN ISSUE of concern for   the BC pu

blic is  fear of that inevitable bunker oil ocean spill —-in our busy, environmentally sensitive waters, which generate billions in business revenue and taxes .!

Can we afford to continue our DITHERING .


Which  respected ,independent research institutions  has  Mr. Harper, and his oil pals contracted ,in the Canadian public interest,to carry out an independent SCIENTIFIC study to demonstrate his ‘world class’ bitumen spill handling system –in REAL OCEAN CONDITIONS ?

Alberta needs to market it’s abundant bitumen and BC needs to offer a reasonable ‘path’ to help gain the revenues which Canadians rely upon to help maintain our standard of living ! Come on smart leaders—LEAD,Please !—

There’s  one interim,ready made practical solution to get the bitumen to market.;..NOW —by  minimizing the probability and consequences of an ocean  bitumen spill. There is no perfect plan..but we can  restrict bitumen tankers to routes in

more OPEN waters..


The doable plan—build ONE (combined) BITUMEN PIPELINE SYSTEM from ALBERTA to PORT SIMPSON (or similar open ocean access ) terminal location. to ship to world markets…simple as that !


Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)


Toss Out !

Don’t ‘toss up’,—‘TOSS OUT’— Port Simpson is the best option for BC and Alberta!
We should NOT  unnecessarily increase bitumen volumes in our busy ocean waters ,and  threaten our multi-billion dollar tourist revenue generating businesses with the inevitable ocean bitumen spill in our ocean waters ,onto shores or fisheries areas!
Two issues  WERE NOT CONSIDERED ADEQUATELY..during the reviews..
1. There is no scientifically proven,(field tested) method ,for containment and recovery of ocean bitumen spills during typical ocean conditions
2. Until that ‘proven method’  happens we need  to locate pipelines and ocean routes where the probability and consequences of an bitumen ocean spill is minimized..
Both pipelines ,as proposed, are  ‘unacceptable ’ ..
BUILD AN ENBRIDGE-KINDER MORGAN COMBINED PIPELINES SYSTEM FROM ALBERTA TO PORT SIMPSON which gives ,least risk,direct access to world markets AND REDUCES  THE THREAT OF OCEAN BITUMEN SPILLS IN OUR Provincial ,multi-billion dollar tourist ,revenue generating ,businesses, in Douglas Channel and vicinity ,Burrard Inlet—and the busy shipping lanes in southern BC and Washington State waters.
 Mr. Harper needs to help his oil friends out of this BC pipelines mess…before it’s too late .

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired)

What Leaders Do !

… the First Nation will …. defend itself against this  ‘review process’ .. “The purpose of the NEB is to regulate pipelines… in the Canadian public interest.” ‘

The NEB has  denied many  from  appearing  as interveners …including the US EPA which  has scientific data     that suggests increased  risks of bitumen spills in our adjoining (Canada/US)waters—BECAUSE of the ever increasing shipping/tanker  traffic—Surely our National Energy Board would be interested the Canadian public interest ?




“… the Salish Sea …. bordering numerous communities en route to

ports in both the US and Canada…characterized by passages …

that are navigationally challenging ….  a biologically rich

ecosystem …these communities depend upon.”


The Kinder Morgan, UNNECESSARY,twinning pipeline twinning project—and  the POORLY LOCATED Enbridge Northern Gateway systems ,need FIXING !

Alberta needs to market it’s growing bitumen production —so build one smart pipeline system (in a corridor) from Alberta  to Port Simpson—giving  wide open access to world markets…

Our Prime Minister could LEAD  by directing the NEB to review  this new scheme and FIX the BC pipelines mess..that’s what leaders  do—LEAD !


A Happier Electorate !

The Feds ,while keeping an eye on the polls—are ‘deciding’ how to get ‘unstuck’ from the bitumen ,‘tar (sands) baby’ ..This dilemma could create a strategically productive opportunity ! Think about this..‘don’t allow situations where the behemoth bitumen laden tankers are unnecessarily routed through busy national harbours and narrow passes,under a critical rail bridge,through island bound channels ,near fisheries and world famous shores and environmentally sensitive lands….
One intelligently located,,competently managed/operated pipeline system should be adequate to safely transport Alberta bitumen to a PERFECTLY LOCATED loading terminal…near Port Simpson..

Appoint a prestigious national team to NEGOTIATE, directly , with affected parties ,for one area (joint right of way) in B.C. for transport of this potentially hazardous product. Also let Cabinet/NEB direct Kinder Morgan to join with Enbridge in operating a combined pipeline system ,from Alberta to Port Simpson vicinity …..which provides relatively open access to the Pacific and world markets.
Imagine the public joy ,which now is left with little reason to be concerned about fouling/destroying B.C. waters ,shores and lands .
There’s still time for decisive ,more publically acceptable action, AND
…. to create a ‘happier’ electorate..!

Minimize the risks !

Opinion: Northern Gateway proposal carries too much risk …,writer Ph. D. Dennis Takahashi Kelso’ says…..his credentials/experience suggest that his observations be given serious consideration..
All the sectors of the ENERGY INDUSTRY struggled in the early days—For instance ,search the 1944 Cleveland LNG disaster—70 years hence ,LNG now considered safe !
BC does not accept being a ‘guinea pig’ while Enbridge and Kinder Morgan ,along with their bitumen shipping partners ,EXPERIMENT , on our COAST—.

Don’t PLAN to send bitumen tankers into any busy,narrow,island bound waters ,and sensitive fisheries. Terminate BOTH Enbridge and Kinder Morgan pipelines near Port Simpson area..In this way our leaders address many of Dennis Kelso’ concerns –by practically eliminating risks …in sensitive areas !

Organize an INDEPENDENT study of the Bitumen challenges—where all the interested parties (pipe liners,producers,shippers,governments,insurance industry) contribute to joint Canadian/U.S .university research to produce a WORLD CLASS bitumen transport/handling study .

B.C. has always supported the beneficial, national , import/export industries ..but with this challenging BITUMEN situation we insist that risk be minimized….surely that’s a just/reasonable CONDITION ?

Time for some fine tuning !

Finally ,someone wants some serious scientific study carried out so Dilbit ‘behaviour’ can be better understood — see
“The new (US Federal government ) study could help fill … information gaps. …Should there be special rules for; pipelines carrying dilbit ; prevention and spill response plans ; companies and …communities ….special equipment and methods? Do evaporating dilbit chemicals create ….health (and environmental) hazards …?” …..

CANADA’S QUANDARY ? Will the dilbit knowledge gap affect our plans ? Should Canada join in the study to include ‘dilbit behaviour in ocean waters’ ——?

Will this Study result in further U.S. delays for Keystone XL ?
As I recollect —Enbridge has chosen ‘thicker ‘pipe ?… will that be ‘sufficient’ to carry on with our pipelines..?
CONCERN;While there is a near total knowledge vacuum about bitumen/dilbit behaviour in typical West Coast ocean water conditions ,BC must insist on RESTRICTING bitumen laden tanker routing in our busy,narrow, island bound waters from Prince Rupert to southern Vancouver Island waters—to minimize the probability of dilbit spills in our waters !!
The pipeline terminus and ALL BITUMEN SHIPPING to be located at Port Simpson,which provides relatively open access to world markets-. This assumes that Mr. Harper can convince KM/Enbridge to create a single pipeline system ,jointly ,from Alberta to Port Simpson ?..Therefore resulting in no need for Kinder Morgan twinning expansion as proposed ..

A smart move ,now , might allow BC public to mellow somewhat,come Oct 2015 ?—We know that infrastructure must be built—but the bully tactics seen so far suggest that these pipeline proposals may never ‘happen’,as proposed—without some ‘fine tuning’ –soon !