Come on…the issue is about the 700% increased diluted bitumen(dilbit) tankers sailings in our busy, environmentally sensitive waters…all unnecessarily ! The entire Kinder Morgan ,Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline (TMEP) project was a handy ,bean counter designed idea…Sorry guys the BC public has said no ,no, no .In fact we  helped to send two governments to the showers ..remember friend Harper…and  our deaf BC Liberal bunch. Need we try for three ?

Hopefully our court review will order a routing review. Our Canadian Senate recently counselled Government …. When they offered in their  Pipeline Study  the  need to   “…restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process.” 

Yes, our government believes in the value of science BEFORE  deciding , a belief recently reinforced as they announced the appointment of their Chief Science Officer(CSO)…who could likely convince  our Prime Minister that HIS long standing PREFERENCE for the TMEP is a mistake…which the BC public want   corrected…before it’s too late . The CSO ,as her first challenge, and with an independent risk assessment , COULD  demonstrate where less risky tanker routes exist along our coast.

Carl Shalansky, P. Eng. (Retired)

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John Ivison’ says  ,”Canadian Energy Projects On The Line” ,while  our PM decides …by whimsy. While electioneering, Justin told the media that he ‘PREFERRED’ THE TRANS MOUNTAIN EXPANSION PIPELINE(TMEP) …decided by whimsy ? …… More recently the   Science Minister says…“We need to be basing our decisions… on SCIENCE ,but we’ve seen NO independent science offered for debate??

Earlier  our PM’ decided   to ban oil ‘tanker’ shipping in northern BC …another whim !. More  whimsy when the PM approved  the goofy Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline(TMEP) ,without seeing any independent supporting science , while   totally disregarding threatened southern BC marine species!

Uncertainty reigns  ! …   Saskatchewan Premier asks …  this new environmental review policy …looks like another National Energy Policy……!

We expect our courts to be involved with community and First Nations issues…and hopefully they will  take into consideration our  Senate Pipeline Study    …..AND  direct the PM  to “…restore legitimacy to the pipeline approval process.”

See  http://www.parl.gc.ca/content/sen/committee/421/TRCM/Reports/FINALVERSION-PipelineStudy-2016-12-07_e.pdf