Time for some fine tuning !

Finally ,someone wants some serious scientific study carried out so Dilbit ‘behaviour’ can be better understood — see http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-05-21/u-s-agency-will-assess-dangers-of-tar-sands-oil-spills.html
“The new (US Federal government ) study could help fill … information gaps. …Should there be special rules for; pipelines carrying dilbit ; prevention and spill response plans ; companies and …communities ….special equipment and methods? Do evaporating dilbit chemicals create ….health (and environmental) hazards …?” …..

CANADA’S QUANDARY ? Will the dilbit knowledge gap affect our plans ? Should Canada join in the study to include ‘dilbit behaviour in ocean waters’ ——?

Will this Study result in further U.S. delays for Keystone XL ?
As I recollect —Enbridge has chosen ‘thicker ‘pipe ?… will that be ‘sufficient’ to carry on with our pipelines..?
CONCERN;While there is a near total knowledge vacuum about bitumen/dilbit behaviour in typical West Coast ocean water conditions ,BC must insist on RESTRICTING bitumen laden tanker routing in our busy,narrow, island bound waters from Prince Rupert to southern Vancouver Island waters—to minimize the probability of dilbit spills in our waters !!
The pipeline terminus and ALL BITUMEN SHIPPING to be located at Port Simpson,which provides relatively open access to world markets-. This assumes that Mr. Harper can convince KM/Enbridge to create a single pipeline system ,jointly ,from Alberta to Port Simpson ?..Therefore resulting in no need for Kinder Morgan twinning expansion as proposed ..

A smart move ,now , might allow BC public to mellow somewhat,come Oct 2015 ?—We know that infrastructure must be built—but the bully tactics seen so far suggest that these pipeline proposals may never ‘happen’,as proposed—without some ‘fine tuning’ –soon !