Who will lead ?

Canada ‘s high standard of living is based primarily on it’s abundant natural resources …and for many decades,transporting of the oil and gas resources falls to the millions of miles of pipelines !

Our main concerns are about the bitumen ROUTING on LAND and on our COASTAL WATERS !—Our LEADERS and INDUSTRY have done squat to convince us that they know how best to control/contain bitumen.spills in the typical,open BC Coastal waters and environmentally sensitive areas. . Therefore the PEASANTS must take the lead— and use their remaining democratic powers,be it during elections,plebiscites, or the courts.
Because of the ongoing Middle East oil/political problems—we may now get further pressure to build . OK—but let’s build SMARTLY by addressing the main public issues NOW/QUICKLY !
Combine BOTH bitumen (Northern Gateway and Kinder Morgan) pipeline systems to terminate at new loading terminals at Port Simpson vicinity (this location provides wide open access to the Pacific and world markets) and REMOVES the majority of bitumen spill concerns…
Benefits—no more threats of bitumen spills in Douglas Channel or adjoining waters–and ELIMINATES the multi-fold increased numbers of bitumen laden tankers from all of southern BC waters.