Justin Trudeau   appears to have ‘lost it’ ! . Former Minister  ,Judy Wilson-Raybould,   has shown him the way. Should  the  most powerful person in Government,   Julie Payette, Governor General of Canada, be expected  make this dysfunctional Government right again ? Let’s invite  her to respond ?



As Canada’s ‘de facto’ leader  make this dysfunctional Government right again…just another challenging ‘mission’ ! The Government  appears to have lost sight of the principle of the Separation of Powers. It  appears that our PM and his helpers would prefer an arena where ‘there are  no rules’, but their own!


This government  ‘imbroglio’ is  receiving much speculative media coverage. No doubt you are  aware  of ‘the government situation’ !  The public are correct  in wanting to know the facts. As Head of State, we call on you, Madam Governor General, to order the Prime Minister ,firstly  , because of the disrespect shown  Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould, to apologize to her publicly…and if necessary he should to step down and call for an election.

Madam Governor General ,we ask you to right the ship of state and that ultimately you will find a way to let the electorate make the final decision.