YES,Mr.Harper,exporting our natural resources is in the Canadian National interest.. but please  use a common sense plan that minimizes the probability and consequences of ocean bitumen spills ! The LNG industry required decades to solve  their transport and storage issues—and LNG now  seen as the ‘darling’ of the petroleum industry..
Government  talks about some  ‘world class’ bitumen containment and recovery method..Where is the scientific STUDY carried out by an independent research group,funded by the bitumen industry and government –for comparison with the proponent’s studies ..to demonstrate openly ,to the public,that bitumen spills can be contained and recovered successfully  –in typical ocean conditions ! 

We await this STUDY –or must we rely on lady luck..

In the meantime Mr. Harper,you must adjust  the west coast bitumen export plan and order that  just  one ,jointly managed, pipeline scheme be built ,from Alberta to Port Simpson OR VICINITY and eliminate increased BITUMEN TRAFFIC in our busy ,environmentally sensetive waters— which generate billions in revenue annually !


see   http://www2.canada.com/vancouversun/news/westcoastnews/story.html?id=988b5b94-0915-48e5-bdd4-e8e6ab5351c8

Two freighters collided in English Bay—on a clear night and spilled a relative thimble-full of fuel oil onto our beaches..You’ll note the ‘early’  oil containment and recovery technology…of course Kinder Morgan (and Enbridge) don’t really care—recall , they’ve told us that they are not responsible for the shipping !! Also we still await the ‘world class oil recovery technology’ promised by Ottawa—one that could deal with containment and recovery of bitumen spilled –in typical ocean conditions!—You know—at night,during tide change,in some distant location,during a howling gale ..while bitumen laden tanker is “hung up’ on a reef in some  narrow channel—that’s when ‘stuff’ happens.!

As  local marine traffic increases by orders of magnitude we can expect another spill at any time..

There is a simple way to drastically reduce the probability of bitumen ocean spills—move all Bitumen tanker traffic out of  the busy  ,island bound waters—

Yes ,leave Burrard Inlet,the busy Salish Sea,Douglas Channel and tricky exit channels—Have Mr. Harper ,in the Canadian public interest,instruct NEB to order Enbridge and Kinder Morgan change routing ,and  build one combined pipeline system,from Alberta to a shipping terminal in Port Simpson—which provides open access to world markets, for Alberta bitumen..

Carl Shalansky,(P.Eng.,retired) https://redfern3359.wordpress.com

PLAN and be READY !

Bitumen pipelines and oil tankers will be publically acceptable in BC

..IF ;


1.we are  READY to help at sea with distressed tankers and  have an INDEPENDENTLY ,scientifically proven, field tested, BITUMEN  containment and recovery technology for TYPICAL OCEAN CONDITIONS  ..and

  1. MINIMIZE the probability of bitumen spills !


Did the  Russian freighter ‘event’ waken us…our  Canadian Coast Guard did their best…BUT surely there are new ,adequate, rescue vessels IN ‘the PLAN’—so we can be READY.

From the outset,the  Enbridge and Kinder Morgan ill-conceived pipeline schemes  disregarded  BC’ PUBLIC CONCERNS !!

Thanks to the Russians ,Mr. Harper must now understand that BC does not want multi-fold increases in bitumen volumes ‘unnecessarily’ plying our busiest ocean waters..

Alberta can just as well send it’s bitumen (to Port Simpson)through a combined pipelines  system—while minimizing  the probability of bitumen shipping incidents  in our busiest waters; the multi billion dollar, tourist generating businesses and  environmentally sensitive ocean areas..

While Mr. Harper ‘solves’ the world’s  problems we hear diddly squat about solving  problems  in Lotus Land..check the polls,then  take action !