NEB to review ALL ASPECTS.. not just the easy parts !

Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan …was elected… to represent BURNABY interests.. …..Kinder Morgan disagrees..

The National Energy Board(NEB)  is an independent federal agency … regulate international and interprovincial ASPECTS of the oil….industries.. energy development and trade in the Canadian public interest..

Until we see INDEPENDENT,SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN,FIELD TESTED BITUMEN CONTAINMENT AND RECOVERY PROCEDURES—DEMONSTRATED IN TYPICAL OCEAN CONDITIONS  we’ll want NEB (the‘public protector’) to do their job by telling the wannabe pipeliners to find more suitable,less threatening  ocean shipping routes .


Every ASPECT of this Alberta   bitumen EXPORT PROJECT needs to be publically reviewed. Has the shipping industry or KM offered world class shipping risk analysis studies for NEB to evaluate—? NEB  could contact the US EPA—they have such a study , which our NEB refused to hear ??

Pipelines and tankers are a reality in our economy—but let THE BC PUBLIC  decide when,where ,how and don’t expect BC public to accept THE ENBRIDGE or KINDER MORGAN SCHEMES, AS PROPOSED—there are better ways/routes  to get the Alberta oil to market…which provide  with minimum risk to our waters!

Or must we await the decision of the Ultimate NEB(National Election Ballot)..come Oct 2015 ?

The Simple Way–why not ?

Until the bitumen  spill clean-up technology is scientifically proven to ‘work’  in typical ocean conditions… ocean bitumen tanker routes must be located  where the probability and consequences of bitumen spills is minimized …..and  NOT directly through some of our busiest waterways and the environmentally attractive ,multi-billion dollar tourist  revenue generating businesses..
There were were no meaningful negotiations about ocean routing.  The pipe liners,not surprisingly,selected the paths of least financial resistance..and the National Energy Board (NEB) seems satisfied with these  pipe liners’ ill-conceived ,ocean routing, proposals—The public are not being heard and may yet have to wait ,for the ‘ultimate NEB’ ,(National Election Ballot) ?
However ,there is a simple  way to get the Alberta bitumen to world markets ,soon ..!
The SIMPLE WAY—which will require our leader to LEAD — !
Mr.  Harper ,in the National interest,to order the NEB to instruct Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to change the routing and  ‘jointly’ build their pipelines from Albert to Port Simpson ,which  offers relatively wide open ocean access to world markets.
This is likely a more acceptable proposal which all parties,including the electorate , would   find more acceptable—?


The ‘tar baby’ gets stickier !

An order-of-magnitude increase in bitumen tanker traffic ,increases the probability of bitumen spills ..!
A near perfect alternative bitumen export terminal location exists ,in Port Simpson , just north of Prince Rupert, which provides relatively OPEN OCEAN ACCESS to world markets—thus minimizing the threat of bitumen spills in ISLAND BOUND Douglas Channel and adjacent areas; in southern BC’, BUSY,TRICKY WATERS …where a bitumen spill ,would significantly affect local communities and the multi-billon dollar BC tourist industry ! A joint ,Enbridge-Kinder Morgan,pipeline system from Alberta to Port Simpson is suggested..

Enbridge and Kinder Morgan, , choose to hide behind the skirts the NEB while hoping that Cabinet ‘will wave them through’ in the ‘National Interest’ !
We know that infrastructure must be built to satisfy Canada’s revenue requirements…and BC‘s harbours ,shipping terminals and rail yards identify our significant contribution to this vital National import/export business..
The next time the megacorps decide to increase their share value –please ,FIRST, inquire about BC’ public concerns ! Fortunately we have the pending ,ULTIMATE NEB ‘hearing’,the National Election Ballot, and will await their ‘proper’ decision !