The  Enbridge Northern Gateway  NEB hearings .. .. ….resulted in  a ‘non-decision’..and left the federal government with ‘209 Conditions’ and.. to do the deciding !


Can/will Mr. Harper’s government ,using their  ‘decisive’ style,‘dare to’ approve  the Northern Gateway pipeline —before the October election  ??

http://www.timescolonist.com/environment-legal-group-challenges-b-c-s-kinder-morgan-pipeline-conditions-1.1979709    notes  that “British Columbia’s ‘5 conditions’ …….won’t be addressed if ………..we don’t know what concerns they (BC)have ….because they’re  is not putting any EVIDENCE  into the (NEB) panel “ ??

The  BC     government has had years to prepare expert, professional arguments (evidence) to support BC’ ‘conditions’…..??



BC government  has done little to guide the public during  these confusing hearings…The  hearings process is underway and to ignore/disrespect  it could leave BC with  an ‘unnecessarily’ bad pipeline decision  ..


Pipelines are required to transport bitumen to market…,will the ‘new bunch’ in Ottawa hear the BC public and NOT approve the proposed  pipelines..? Smarter ,more publically acceptable pipelines, could be designed/located  to minimize the probability/consequences of bitumen spills in our ‘lucrative ‘  waters…..which generate billions for  businesses and government tax coffers!