The  Federal Government   disregarded the southern BC communities strong objection to the Trans Mountain Expansion Pipeline(TMEP)

1.because location of the proposed tanker routes ….and

2.and they did NOT   “… base… decisions and policies on facts…..and on SCIENCE…”as recently stated by or Minister of Science, ! !

The export of diluted bitumen contributes significantly  to Canada’s resources revenue as do southern BC waters ,which  generate billons annually from the ‘visitor’ industry…Some of our marine ‘critters, are  threatened by noise and potential of spills.!. There was no  ,INDEPENDENT SCIENCE offered to debate the tanker routing… The southern BC public has been most agitated by this omission…and as a result has contributed significantly the ‘departure ‘ of 2 governments recently. The public has warned of their desire to fight this ill-conceived TMEP….a repeat of the lawless ‘war of the woods’ ,  “one of the largest acts of civil disobedience in Canadian history..” …..”which prompted lasting change”…,is suggested by some. There’s no need for a war…just apply some rigorous independent science to find tanker routes that minimize the probability of a tanker spill …before it’s too late !

While Alberta Premier may ‘care not’ of the BC concerns about the tanker routing……the Federal government may yet pay a significant price for that sloppy ‘Alberta’  decision….. come Oct 2019 ?