It is clear to all that Harper is connected at the hip to Alberta oil —and his pals can do whatever–The recent NEB so called hearings were very selective about who could intervene.The US EPA was denied permission to appear–they might have brought some issues ‘of public interest to the table’ ! The truth of the matter is that we do not need this so-called Kinder Morgan pipeline twinning project at all…at this time…Alberta needs to export it’s bitumen..and there is a simple way to do this….BC public are not just a bunch of whining hippies…we just want some common sense LEADERSHIP..come on Steve…

Until the bitumen spill clean-up technology is scientifically proven to ‘work’ in typical ocean conditions… ocean bitumen tanker routes must be located where the probability and consequences of bitumen spills is minimized …..and NOT directly through some of our busiest waterways and the environmentally attractive ,multi-billion dollar tourist revenue generating businesses..

There were were no meaningful negotiations about ocean routing. The pipe liners,not surprisingl,selected the paths of least financial resistance..and the National Energy Board (NEB) seems satisfied with these pipe liners’ ill-conceived ,ocean routing, proposals—The public are not being heard and may yet have to wait ,for the ‘ultimate NEB’ ,(National Election Ballot) ?

However ,there is a simple way to get the Alberta bitumen to world markets ,soon ..!

The SIMPLE WAY—which will require our leader to LEAD — Mr. Harper ,in the National interest,to order the NEB to instruct Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to change the routing and ‘jointly’ build their pipelines from Albert to Port Simpson ,which offers relatively wide  open ocean access to world markets.

This is likely a more acceptable proposal which all parties,including the electorate , would find more acceptable—?