..In His Hands !

If Mr. Harper decides to USE THE HEAVYHAND OF GOVERNMENT and declare the Enbridge and Kinder Morgan  pipelines to be ‘in the NATIONAL INTEREST’, such action   will be  seen as a ’POLITICAL’ decision …that ignored the B.C. public interest !!

The land and water routing proposals appear to have been dictated  by the  bean counters,with no consideration of the BC public’ concerns !—


Any significant ocean bitumen spill could  needlessly threaten the B.C. , high employment,well established, multibillion dollar revenue generators for governments AND associated   tourist businesses, ( including  the  sports and commercial fisheries ,general tourist travel trade and other environmentally associated businesses..).

There is a common sense way to ‘rework’ these pipelines to deliver  Alberta bitumen to world markets relatively quickly !

Mr.  Harper to order  NEB to instruct Enbridge and Kinder Morgan to CHANGE and SIMPLIFY the  route  ,and to   jointly build and and operate a pipeline system (possibly in a pipeline common corridor)from Alberta to Port Simpson in order to MINIMIZE the probability of ocean bitumen spills in Douglas Channel and vicinity ,Burrard Inlet and all southern BC and nearby Washington State waters and shores !!

Simple as that !