Are we to see the  end of both  of BC’s  poorly conceived  pipelines schemes  !  Each would result in large  bitumen laden tankers UNNECESSARILY traversing some of BC’ most environmentally sensitive waters—where multibillion billions in revenues are generated from   related businesses …!
Pipelines and oil tankers are here to stay…and our government WILL APPROVE ALL NECESSARY INFRASTRUCTURE (oil,gas, sewer,water etc. pipelines,rail,highways,
etc..)so long as it determines that these  facilities are ‘in the National Interest’….For pipelines , the public must rely on it’s government appointed  PROTECTOR,the NEB,to deal ,openly, with project concerns..
So why the kerfuffle about our BC,wannabe, pipe-liners –the NEB and politicians failed to listen..!!
What to do…to ensure   those vital ,national ,export revenues are earned ,which  support Canada’s relatively  high standard of living …Start again—by NEGOTIATING,not bullying,  with those   that could be affected.
The new gang in Ottawa surely will see the need for public involvement and  approve a publically acceptable,common sense ,simpler pipelines scheme that will, more safely, deliver the Alberta bitumen  to world markets.